Bachelor of Arts in Christian Counseling

Bachelor of Arts in Christian Counseling

Prerequisites: Associate Degree or Equivalent

The Bachelor of Arts in Christian Counseling (B.A.C.C.) degree is designed to broaden the understanding of the multi-faceted aspects of Christian counseling. This program will equip ministry practitioners with necessary skills to counsel from a biblical and Christian perspective and will enhance their effectiveness of ministering to people.

Courses You’ll Complete to Earn Your Degree

Registration Fee $200.00
Tuition Cost: $2400.00

Total Cost: $2600.00


Each student will be assigned an academic advisor to help him or her throughout this program.

(Courses are subject to change at the suggestion of your academic advisor)

A total of 60 semester hours are required, with a minimum of thirty semester hours from Real Knowledge Bible College. A 2.5 GPA is required on a scale of 4.0. Each course is worth 3 semester hours.

60 Credit Hours

Average 2 years but work at your own pace